Can the laser remove all body hair at one time

In this season of sunshine, beach, ocean and bikini, xiaoyueyue finds that the mushroom cool people wear less and less and show more tricks. Xiao Yueyue just wants to talk here — take me!

  1. For girls with strong body hair, wearing less must be “dying in light”. In June, the topic of “hair removal” can not be avoided.

As a new skill of soft girls – laser hair removal, it can remove all body hair, so it has become a new favorite of girls. Spicy? Can the laser take off all the body hair at one time? Presumably, many sister papers also have some questions. Xiaoyueyue’s answer is — no! Yes!

If you want more posture at the bottom, the high and cold little Yueyue won’t tell you to look down.

First of all, let’s understand the lower body hair and know ourselves and the enemy!

As shown in the figure above, the body hair is divided into two parts: what can be seen when exposed outside the skin is the hair stem; The invisible part buried in the skin is the hair root part. Just like weeding, only by destroying the roots can body hair be eradicated.

By adjusting the wavelength, the laser can penetrate the surface of the skin and finally be absorbed by the hair follicle, raising the temperature of the black hair follicle until it is destroyed. Just like when we stand in the sun, our hair will be hotter than our skin

However, this is limited to growing body hair. Because of the growth of body hair, its hair follicles are fully developed, the content of melanin in hair follicles, and the role of laser hair removal. It means that the darker the hair follicle is, the easier the hair will fall off and no longer grow.

However, the growth cycle of hair is not only the growth period, but also the degradation period and dormancy period. These three cycles of hair also exist together. So, here comes the problem! Dormant hair follicles are very small, with less melanin, not enough “abdominal black”. In this case, there is no Luan use of laser at all!

Therefore, if the girls want to take off their hair and shave, they need to do laser hair removal every four to eight weeks when part of the dormant hair returns to the growth period. After laser hair removal for more than 3-5 times, the girls can take off all their body hair and no longer grow.

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