Decryption: behind those seemingly creepy plastic surgery projects

Are there many plastic surgery programs that make you sound scary? For example, chemical peeling, microcrystalline dermabrasion and laser hair removal. At first glance, you will feel that doing these plastic surgery projects must be very painful. In fact, they are not. Let’s learn the truth behind these horror names.

Microcrystalline grinding

The word “dermabrasion” is inevitably reminiscent of bloody scenes, but in fact, microcrystalline dermabrasion is only a slight wear operation on the face skin, which takes only 30 minutes at a time. According to the American Society of plastic surgery (ASAPS), microcrystalline dermabrasion is also a “lunch beauty” project, which can carry out normal activities immediately after operation. It is suitable for beauty seekers who are sensitive to skin chemotherapy.

Chemical peels

Does the word “take off” in “Chemistry” remind you of the villain? In fact, chemical exfoliation is a plastic surgery project that can help people reduce wrinkles and restore youth. We often hear that “fruit acid skin change” is a kind of chemical exfoliation. Chemical stripping can be divided into deep and shallow layers. Deep chemical exfoliation takes 2 hours to complete, which is used to improve deep facial wrinkles. During the operation, the subject’s face will be smeared with special solution, with slight burning and pain, but it is with this stripping effect that the cosmetic effect is achieved. Shallow chemical stripping uses less solution, and there will only be slight tingling during the operation.

Laser hair removal

Many people worry that laser is harmful to human body. In fact, as a popular plastic surgery project, the laser energy used in laser hair removal is completely within the range that the human body can bear, which is not as terrible as the laser gun in the film. Compared with traditional waxing and electroacupuncture, laser hair removal has the advantage of less pain. During the operation, the doctor will transmit the low-energy laser beam to the skin through the instrument and be absorbed by the hair follicle pigment, so that the hair follicle is damaged, so as to play the role of hair removal. ASAPS describes laser hair removal as a “non-invasive, gentle” hair removal technique.

In the face of various plastic surgery projects, beauty seekers should not be taken lightly because the name sounds good, and of course, they should not be afraid because the name is scary. Only careful and in-depth understanding can we face these problems scientifically and rationally

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