Laser hair removal does not affect perspiration and does not harm the skin

In life, some people have a genetic reason to be hairy. But if you’re a woman, you don’t like to have too much hair on your body, except your hair. So how do you deal with that? Now you can understand the method of laser hair removal.

Laser whole body hair removal applies the selective photothermal effect of laser, which directly irradiates the hair follicle through the epidermis with a laser at a specific wavelength. The melanin of hair follicle, hair stem absorbs the energy of light selectively, produce heat effect, sexual atrophy, hair falls off naturally, realize the purpose of persistent depilation thereby.

Advantages of laser whole body hair removal

1, hair removal time more thoroughly: no matter laser, photon can help you remove the hair on the body.

2, the effect is better: the laser beam can penetrate the deep dermis and subcutaneous fat tissue, acting on the depth of hair follicles in different parts of the body, to effectively remove the depth of hair in any part of the human body.

3, fast and convenient, fast: only ten minutes or so, you can remove the hair clean.

Laser removal head laser beam will penetrate the surface of the skin is eventually absorbed by the hair follicle, to damage, can not grow hair, and the hairline part of the pigment precipitation is more uniform, up to the beautification effect.

Can laser systemic depilation affect perspiration?

The laser used in the laser removal head emits light that penetrates the surface of the skin and is eventually selectively absorbed by the laser. It also works on hair follicles, so laser hair removal won’t harm the skin, let alone affect perspiration. In addition, laser hair removal will not affect perspiration, perspiration mainly depends on sweat glands, laser hair removal does not affect perspiration.

How long does laser whole body depilate restore?

Total body hair removal surgery generally needs 3-5 months or so recovery time. Because everyone’s physical condition is not the same, so there will be differences in doing, not everyone can recover after recovery. Some people recover faster.

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