Diode laser for facial hair removal Painless

Portable Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

Using unique freezing protection, huamei Laser Hair removal alexandrite or diode painless hair removal overcomes the disadvantages of cold touch color light side effects and skin damage in early hair removal. At the same time does not damage the surrounding tissue, the pain is slight, is safe, fast, long-term hair removal technology.

Best diode laser Hair removal at home

Advantage a: 510nm semiconductor hair removal more thoroughly

Freezing point laser adopts classical semiconductor hair removal technology. The laser wavelength of 810nm is selectively absorbed by the melanin particles in the hair and hair follicles, resulting in photothermal effect. The heat energy in the hair can be conducted around, making the hair follicles and hair stem completely shrink, and achieving permanent hair removal. After nearly 15 years of clinical experience, it is known as the gold standard of hair removal laser.

Advantage two: rapid transfer of technology, hair removal is safer

Ice point laser uses a new painless technology, reducing the original 40 joules of heat energy to the skin is difficult to detect 10 joules, by reducing the heat energy of a single irradiation and increasing the irradiation frequency method, reduce the treatment of human energy, so that the patient does not have the feeling of burning pain, so that hair removal is safer and easier.

Advantage three: 12×10 square big spot hair removal faster

2×10 square large light spot can eliminate the treatment of “dead Angle” greatly speed up the treatment speed, as a classic lunch beauty project, just a short lunch time can solve the problem of excess hair.

Advantage four: double – mode technology, hair removal more easily

Freezing point laser has two modes of operation:

  1. SHR ultra depilation mode can complete painless and rapid depilation operation;
  2. Traditional depilation mode is suitable for the treatment of some special parts. The two modes switch at will, more choices, more beauty.

Diode Laser Hair removal Houston Painless hair removal

Diode Laser Hair removal Melbourne the only second generation of freezing point waltz hair removal instrument, not only can remove indecent body hair, but also can play a role in skin rejuvenation and whitening. Gorgeous freezing point waltz, let you sweep hairy trouble, in this summer perfect “show” yourself!

1, hit the hair root, never regenerate:

The second generation of freezing point waltz hair removal directly hits the hair root, keeps the hair follicle temperature at about 45 degrees under the action of 810nm semiconductor laser, gently deactivates the hair follicle and growth stem cells, and achieves permanent hair removal.

2, the whole process is painless, cold and comfortable:

Freezing point Waltz uses The unique NIR infrared light wave of Feton to heat the dermis gradually, with low energy density and full freezing point cooling to ensure that the epidermis is not damaged, and the whole hair removal process is cool and comfortable.

3, fast hair removal, safe and non-invasive:

The second generation of freezing point waltz hair removal adopts the original In-Motion fast sliding technology created by Felton company, and increases the laser emission frequency to 10Hz. The effect is 5 times that of traditional laser hair removal, and it is safe and non-invasive.

  1. Reduce pores and tighten skin:

Unique NIR infrared pore shrinking, using infrared technology select infrared light in the spectrum range of 900-1600nm, directly heating dermis, stimulate the proliferation of collagen, so as to achieve the multiple effects of narrowing pores and tightening skin.

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