Can laser depilate depilate permanently?

  What is the principle of laser hair removal?

  Laser hair removal is actually based on extended selective photothermal effects. That’s because permanent hair removal involves the destruction of hair follicle stem cells, which are located in the bulb of the hair follicle and are deeper than the shaft of our epidermis hair, and have no melanin. But our hair removal laser is mainly based on melanin, so the stem cells actually produced by the hair removal laser can spread from the skin surface of the hair stem to the dermal papilla through the melanin acting on the hair stem, thereby destroying the hair follicle stem cells to achieve permanent hair removal.

  Can laser depilate depilate permanently? How many times do you have to do it? This is all you care about!

  Is laser hair removal safe? Will it burn your skin?

  Many friends worry that my hair follicles will be destroyed, so will my skin be scalded? Basically, our laser is targeted at pigments that are targeted for absorption, and the darker our skin, the more melanin our epidermis contains. If not handled properly, it can cause skin damage, so generally speaking, people with very white skin and very dark body hair have the best and safest hair removal. Because most of the heat is absorbed by the hair and less by the epidermis, conversely, the darker the skin, the higher the risk of hair loss.

  Can laser depilate depilate permanently? How many times do you have to do it? This is all you care about!

  However, we do not need to worry too much, because the current formal institutions of hair removal instrument will have a good epidermal cooling system, to ensure that the epidermis is not damaged. In addition, laser hair removal can be safe and confusing if a professional adjusts the parameters based on your skin tone and hair growth. (So the safety mainly depends on the safety of the instrument and the professionalism of the doctor. Like when you come to See Dr. Ho, you can’t go wrong!)

  What place can depilate choose?

  Hairline, armpit hair, beard, bikini line, leg hair, lip hair, hand hair. The point is, different parts of the hair have some differences and respond differently to laser treatment because the treatment will be different. In general, thicker, darker parts of hair (such as armpit hair) will work better than thinner, darker parts (such as lip hair), so different parts need different reps. It is appropriate to consult a professional doctor before treatment.

  Can laser depilate depilate permanently? How many times do you have to do it? This is all you care about!

  How many times does laser hair removal need to be done? Is it permanent?

  Laser hair removal is the only way to completely destroy hair follicles and achieve permanent hair removal. Due to individual differences and different hair growth cycles, it usually takes 3-6 times to stabilize.

  Because most hair follicles are tied together in a group, a hair in the pore is the growth of one of the three hair follicles in the group below him. Only one follicle can be destroyed at a time, leaving the remaining two ready to go. And, the growth of hair needs to experience growing period, subside period and rest period. Repeat these three cycles. The effective rate of laser hair removal was 75% in the growth phase and only 25% in the regression phase. During the break, I would advise you not to waste money because it is ineffective. But only a third of our hair is growing at any given time, so it takes three to six times to remove it.

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