Diode laser permanent hair removal

Diode Laser Permanent hair removal introduction

Freezing point depilation is by Israel feidun laser company exclusive patent launched, at present the most advanced permanent laser depilation method, it can large area cool painless to remove excess hair, effectively protect the surrounding skin, so that the beauty of both can fast depilation.

Diode laser hair removal

Cheek depilation, lip depilation, beard depilation, neck depilation, back depilation, chest depilation, armpit depilation, arm depilation, bikini line depilation, leg depilation.

Chongqing contemporary plastic surgery hospital freezing point hair removal advantage

1, completely painless hair removal

Freezing point with specially designed double PULSE laser (DUAL PULSE), only the lower energy density light skin, through the different modes of interaction of two laser pulses, and patent – MOTION IN technology at the same time, the launch 10 pulses per second, as to brisk sliding on the skin, gentle lose hair follicle activity, to achieve the effect of permanent hair removal.

  1. NIR painlessly shrinks pores

NIR technology, selected near infrared light, through the window effect, directly through and reach the pores, through sliding easily heated just after the use of freezing point hair removal, stimulate the proliferation of collagen and collagen fiber again, make the pores smaller, the skin highlighted delicate.

3, nourish the skin

After receiving the painless sliding SHR hair removal at freezing point, it further tightens the skin with NIR to narrow the pores and make the skin delicate. Then it slides in LOTION LOTION according to the direction of skin texture with the help of the beauty instructor’s light hands to lock the moisture in the skin and make the delicate skin more smooth and clean.

Diode laser technology hair removal two highlights

1, hit the hair root never regenerate

The freezing point laser can penetrate the epidermis and enter the dermis, selectively absorbed by the melanin particles in the hair and hair follicles, resulting in photothermal effect. The heat energy in the hair can be conducted around, and the hair follicles and hair stem can be completely contracted, resulting in permanent hair removal. The other lines around the hair follicle do not contain melanin particles so they do not absorb this laser, do not cause damage, safer and more thorough.

2, the whole process is painless, cool and comfortable

The new painless permanent hair removal technology reduces the heat energy of a single irradiation and increases the frequency of irradiation, reducing the original 40 joules of heat energy to an imperceptible 10 joules of skin, and increasing the frequency of irradiation in the same time as the previous treatment to achieve the same effect. As a result of the treatment of low thermal energy, so there will not be a bit of burning pain.

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