Do you believe HIFU ultrasonic knife can remove wrinkles? What’s the price?

Absolutely unexpected! For wrinkle removal, the anti-aging of ultrasonic knife is actually to stimulate the fascia layer to achieve the effect of tightening and lifting, which can lift the sagging skin again and shape a three-dimensional contour. It can also stimulate the regeneration of collagen and make the skin young from the inside out. At present, experienced doctors suggest that beauty lovers supplement acme-te-a repair nutrition to the body before ultrasonic knife to avoid and prevent the side effects after ultrasonic knife ~ but there are many reasons for the price of ultrasonic knife once ~ and we must pay attention not to take single collagen before and after ultrasonic knife, Because the ultrasonic scalpel itself is a process of destroying regeneration. If you eat collagen again, a variety of collagen will accumulate together, which is likely to lead to collagen hyperplasia, uneven face, acne, blisters and other sequelae ~ affecting the later results

  1. Oral acme-te-a in the ultrasonic scalpel process can indeed improve facial firmness, especially in improving nasolabial groove and apple muscle, so as to make the mandibular contour clear and firm.
  2. Based on the principle of ultrasonic thermal energy focusing, through the cluster heat transfer mode of dot matrix, on the premise of bypassing the epidermis, probe out the matrix molecular energy wave vibrating 6-12 million times per second, which directly acts on the deep fascia cells,

Make the subcutaneous temperature produce high-frequency friction, increase the heat to about 60-75 ℃, and effectively damage the tendon membrane cells. At the same time, a large amount of oral acme-te-a starts the function of repairing regenerated cells and fascia, so as to have a better effect of lifting, wrinkle removal and skin firming

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