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Do you know what HIFU ultrasound knife is like?

  1. Concept of focused ultrasound

Ultrasound is a sound wave with a frequency higher than 20kHz. The upper line of hearing of healthy adults is 20kHz, so human ears can’t hear ultrasound.

High intensity focused ultrasound is a medical technology that uses the thermal effect of ultrasound to eliminate diseased tissues in organisms. The action mode of HIFU is very similar to the principle of paper burning at the focus after sunlight is focused by a magnifying glass.

  1. Action principle of focused ultrasound

With the precise control of the operation depth, according to the three-stage depth of 1.5mm, 3.0mm and 4.5mm, the treatment is used to focus the ultrasonic energy and accurately inject it into the dermis, subcutaneous tissue and SMAS layer of the skin. The thermal effect will increase the temperature of the target part. When the temperature reaches 47 ℃, it will start to form a thermal treatment point, tighten and improve the surrounding tissues, improve the subcutaneous structure supporting the skin, start the collagen regeneration mechanism and promote the regeneration of collagen and elastic fibrin. At this time, the skin and muscles will return to elasticity, firmness and improvement, so as to achieve the effect of eliminating wrinkles.

There is a transducer in the treatment head of the ultrasonic knife, which changes the energy of electromagnetic wave into sound energy to focus. After focusing, it is emitted in a point shape. The motor emits the focused ultrasonic energy bit by bit. When the point caused by ultrasonic energy is completely restored to normal, the new tissue replaces the old tissue, which is the process of skin rejuvenation.

  1. Operable parts of focused ultrasound

The American version of ultrasonic knife stipulates that it is not to hit the forehead, it can be operated outside 1.5cm in front of the ear, and not below the corner of the mouth. The standard 4.5mm treatment head only hits the cheek, and can hit two rows in total, with 30-50 rounds in each row. People with wider cheeks can play three or four rows. 3mm therapeutic head can be used for operation of forehead position. The position of the thyroid gland in the neck is not hit.

  1. Therapeutic effect of focused ultrasound

The immediate effect of treatment can be observed that the local slight lifting, skin whitening and improvement, and the sense of firmness can be improved;

One month after treatment, the whole skin was slightly lifted, the skin quality was improved, the firmness was enhanced, and the skin quality was smoother;

Three months after treatment, the whole body will be obviously lifted, the face will be more compact, and the skin around the eyes will feel lifted and expanded

If the effect of the photo is not very obvious, you can manually measure and record the data, and use the digital change to reflect the most obvious improvement after completing the ultrasonic knife.

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