Do you want to wipe things before laser hair removal? Precautions before and after laser hair removal

Core tip: female friends will do laser hair removal in summer. Those who have experience in hair removal know that laser hair removal cold gel must be applied. The purpose is to protect the skin. At the same time, in order to ensure a safer and better effect of hair removal, sun protection must be done before and after laser hair removal. If laser hair removal is selected, do not choose other hair removal methods to avoid secondary damage to the skin caused by repeated and diverse hair removal methods in a short time.

Before summer comes, many women who love beauty will choose to go to medical beauty institutions for laser hair removal, lip hair / armpit hair removal, and bikini hair removal. Hair removal is a must for a refreshing summer. Do you want to apply anything before depilation? There are preparations before depilation. The doctor needs to scrape off the hair at the depilation area first. Before laser depilation, a professional depilation gel must be applied. This is a professional cold gel for laser depilation. Applying it to the depilation area can cool down and better protect the skin. The temperature of laser depilation is very high, and applying cold gel will minimize the discomfort. The whole process of laser hair removal will feel cool and comfortable because of the application of cold gel. After laser hair removal, the doctor will wipe off the gel with a medical tissue. Laser hair removal is now highly sought after by beauty lovers, but there are also precautions when choosing laser hair removal. What are the specific precautions before and after laser hair removal? Let’s share with you.

1、 Daily sunscreen work must be done for laser hair removal: when you choose laser hair removal, you need to prepare for laser hair removal two weeks before operation to avoid sunburn on the skin of the hair removal part in summer and outdoor activities during strong ultraviolet rays. If you go out in the sun, you need to do sunscreen work, such as wearing a sun umbrella and applying sunscreen. Many friends wonder why there is so much stress before laser hair removal, because when the skin is doing laser projects after sunburn, it will be more prone to burns because the skin becomes fragile after sunburn. Light cases are red, swollen and uncomfortable, and heavy cases will leave scars on the skin.

2、 Avoid choosing other hair removal methods when choosing laser hair removal: if you are ready for laser hair removal, do not choose other hair removal methods before laser hair removal, such as hair removal cream and other hair removal stickers. Other hair removal products are used privately before laser hair removal. When you choose laser hair removal, multiple different hair removal methods in a short time will cause damage to the hair removal part, Such improper practices will also make depilation fail.

The above is the introduction of the relevant article “do you need to wipe things before laser hair removal? Precautions before and after laser hair removal share”. After a detailed understanding of the relevant precautions of laser hair removal, we should remind you that within 24 hours after laser hair removal, avoid the hair follicle infection and inflammation at the hair removal site by avoiding contact with water or applying cosmetics. If you choose laser hair removal, you should pay attention to relevant matters, so as to achieve the best effect of laser hair removal.