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Does facial ultrasonic scalpel have side effects? Does facial ultrasonic scalpel have side effects?

Facial ultrasound knife generally has no side effects. As long as you go to a regular third class hospital or a large medical beauty center to do facial ultrasound knife, have a doctor with rich technical experience to operate the operation, and do proper skin care after the operation, generally there will be no side effects.

Facial ultrasonic scalpel is a very common medical and aesthetic project. Making facial ultrasonic scalpel can improve facial skin relaxation and sagging. The facial ultrasonic scalpel adopts the focused ultrasound technology issued by relevant professional instruments. When the local skin is heated, it can cover the muscle fascia. When the fascia is heated, it will shrink, which can make the skin compact. When making a facial ultrasound knife, don’t go to a small clinic without medical qualification for surgery in order to be cheap, so as to prevent the failure of surgery due to the poor technical experience of doctors.

Skin sunscreen measures should be taken strictly after the operation. It is not allowed to be exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long time to avoid anti blackening of the skin. During wound healing, eat more food rich in vitamin C.