CO2 Fractional Laser

Does ultrasonic scalpel thin face and compact have side effects and sequelae? Will ultrasonic knife thin face rebound?

The ultrasonic scalpel is thin and compact without side effects and sequelae. This treatment method is relatively safe. It can achieve the effect of reducing face in a short time without any side effects, recurrence and rebound.

Ultrasonic scalpel face slimming mainly adopts the physical therapy process of internal and external two-way combination, so as to stimulate their own repair function and smoothly form collagen. The physical therapy organization will repair collagen and stimulate the new formation of collagen, so as to increase elasticity in a short time, effectively smooth wrinkles, achieve the effect of tightening and improving skin, and make the skin play the role of delaying aging, Significant results will be seen in about 3 ~ 7 days after completion, but slight burning and swelling will appear on the local skin. This is mainly because the ultrasonic knife can emit high heat in a short time to stimulate the skin to repair itself.

Do a good job in sunscreen when going out to avoid ultraviolet radiation. You can wear a sunshade and sunscreen hat to avoid pigmentation on local skin and affect the postoperative effect.