Effect of laser on removing crow’s feet

When wrinkles appear on the face, many beauty ladies take the lead in taking various measures, such as daily maintenance, dietary care and buying various cosmetics, but they can not solve the problem of wrinkles. With the development of cosmetic medicine, laser wrinkle removal has become a new favorite of beauty lovers. Effect of laser on removing crow’s feet? Let’s get up and learn more about it!

The formation of crow’s feet is due to the decline of neuroendocrine function, the decline of protein synthesis rate, the decline or loss of fiber cell activity in the dermis, the reduction and fracture of collagen fibers, which leads to the decrease of skin elasticity, the increase of eye wrinkles, and the decrease of fiber tissue elasticity caused by sun exposure, dryness, cold, too high washing water temperature, rich expression, smoking, etc.

Effect of laser on removing crow’s feet

At present, a good way to get rid of crow’s feet is laser wrinkle removal. Experts explained that the principle of laser wrinkle removal is reasonably designed. The laser can absorb the energy released by the laser through melanin and hemoglobin in the skin, especially water, and produce a photothermal effect to convert it into heat, so as to activate various stromal cells in the dermis, such as fibroblasts, to produce new collagen, elastin and various intercellular matrices, and to reconstruct the tissue, just like exercising the lazy skin, Make it rejuvenate through exercise. After several times of treatment, the moisture content and elasticity of the skin increase, the texture is improved, and the small wrinkles are reduced!

The operation method is to tighten the temporal skin, separate the lateral edge of orbicularis oculi muscle and sew it in a flat position. The effect of this method is satisfactory, but it is easy to damage the orbicularis oculi branch of the temporal branch of the facial nerve.

Surgical procedure of removing crow’s feet by laser

1、 Preoperative preparation

Before operation, part of the hair of the subject shall be cut off, and the rest shall be combed and braided.

2、 The design of incision line usually adopts the incision line for temporal rhytidectomy, that is, it points upward and slightly backward to the top along the anterior ear fold and the auricular foot (equivalent to the vertical line of the lateral orbital margin), and the incision line is drawn at about 4cm in the hairline (see figure 28-27).

3、 Operation process and technical method

The operation method was local anesthesia. The skin was cut to the subcutaneous fat layer according to the design line, and the eyebrow skin with a width of about 1.0-2.0cm was removed on the superficial surface of the fat layer. Do not damage the fat pad on the lateral side of the eyebrow, so as not to damage the superior orbital artery and cause bleeding. After checking that there was no active bleeding, the subcutaneous skin was sutured with 6-0 nylon suture, and the skin was sutured with 8-0 nylon suture. The suture was removed 5 days after operation. The suture was removed after 5 days, the eyebrow pencil was used to cover the incision after 7 days, and the eyebrow was tattooed again after 3 months.