Eradicate underarm grass and be a light beauty this summer

In May 1915, Harper’s bazaar, one of the world’s famous fashion magazines, published such a picture: a sexy female model in a sleeveless shirt raised her arms and exposed her smooth armpits. Since then, female armpit shaving has gradually become an emerging aesthetic and spread to the world. Nowadays, the aesthetic concept of removing axillary hair is more deeply rooted in people’s consciousness. Although some men regard women’s axillary hair as a symbol of sexuality and wildness, the mainstream trend of removing axillary hair is irresistible.

Axillary hair is related to heredity and estrogen secretion in the body. Under normal circumstances, men and women have a certain amount of axillary hair. Axillary hair can not only alleviate skin friction and protect axillary skin from abrasion, but also resist the invasion of foreign bacteria and dust. It is a “protective door” for axillary skin. There is no doubt that women blinded by beauty have no time to take into account the role of axillary hair. Hair removal cream, hair removal wax, razor, laser and photon have become the great enemies of axillary hair. The first three methods can only remove axillary hair in a short time. Here I want to say that laser and photon are two beauty methods with relatively long hair removal effect.

During laser hair removal, the laser can penetrate the surface of the skin and directly reach the root hair follicle of the hair. The laser is absorbed and converted into heat energy that destroys the hair follicle tissue, so that the hair loses the regeneration ability. The laser only acts on the hair, so other parts of the skin will not be damaged; Similar to laser hair removal, photon hair removal also acts on hair follicles selectively through light beams to achieve the effect of removing hair while avoiding damage to surrounding tissues. Freezing point hair removal, which is widely used in the market, also belongs to photon hair removal.

The effect of laser hair removal is similar to that of photon hair removal, which can achieve the purpose of removing axillary hair for a long time. Any beauty has to pay a price, and depilation is no exception. Choosing medical means for depilation needs to be prepared to take risks. In the process of laser and photon hair removal, redness and swelling at the treatment site may occur, which may be accompanied by slight pain. For example, the laser and photon parameters are not well controlled, and the skin of beauty seekers may be burned and leave scars.

In many people’s opinion, when it comes to hair removal, they first think of beauty salons. In fact, laser and photon hair removal are medical behaviors, which are only allowed in formal medical institutions in China. Moreover, these two methods have very high requirements for operators. Beauty experts in beauty salons are not qualified to help you with laser and photon hair removal. In order to become a “light” beauty safely, please go to a regular medical institution for hair removal

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