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Facial wrinkle removal: which is better, ultrasonic knife or RF wrinkle removal? What should I choose?

In order to combat the signs of aging, women began to spend more money on more expensive skin care products. But have you found that you have used so many expensive skin care products, but your skin condition has not improved at all? Why? Facial wrinkle removal is not as good as trying medical beauty: which is better, ultrasonic knife or RF wrinkle removal? What should I choose?


Ultrasonic knife: high intensity focused ultrasound, which can carry out deep tightening and lifting.

Advantages: it can penetrate the deep layer, directly act on the fascia layer within 4.5mm, make the collagen shrink immediately, rebuild the brand-new collagen fiber network, significantly lift the fascia and periosteum, and realize the three effects of skin tightening, wrinkle removal and shaping.

Disadvantages: you need to polish your eyes to distinguish between true and false ultrasonic knife, and you need to pay attention to postoperative care. After all, ultrasonic knife is a project with long photoelectric repair time.

radio frequency

RF wrinkle removal mainly transmits RF wave energy to the depth of the skin after a probe contacts the skin. This deep and balanced heating action can promote the immediate tension of skin structure and subcutaneous tissue, resulting in an immediate wrinkle removal effect.

Advantages: it can gradually restore skin elasticity and reduce skin wrinkles for a long time. At the same time, it can also improve the local skin relaxation around the eyes, chin, neck, arms and so on; For stretch marks, orange skin on the hips and thighs has also improved.

Disadvantages: Although there is no recovery period, it needs long-term persistence, otherwise it is easy to waste all previous anti-aging efforts.

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