Flowers bloom in spring, and hair removal helps you slip into summer

Nowadays, people’s pursuit of beauty has become a habit. With the rapid development of medical beauty technology, beauty has long been as indispensable as shopping.

“Excess hair” generally puzzles modern women, and the body “excess hair” will not only seriously affect the “temperament”, but also affect people’s mental health. The so-called spring does not depilate, summer Kiwi!

Seeing that summer is approaching, the demand for hair removal of all beauties has reached the most vigorous season.

Speaking of the benefits of depilation, who really tries knows. Without vigorous hair, the skin looks whiter, sunscreen is easier, and you don’t have to worry about the embarrassment under your arms.

However, speaking of hair removal, I am also a person with a history of blood and tears.

In junior high school, I tried to shave my arm for the first time. I found that after shaving, my arm looked white and tender, so I immediately shaved two legs. But puberty shaving really proves the magic spell of shaving longer and longer. Every year I can only continue to shave, but I get older and older. Therefore, the rigid depilator must be the right way to seek beauty.

If you decide to invest in the depilation market, it is recommended to do it immediately

“Hot demand and intensified competition” is a portrayal of the field of laser hair removal in the next 2-3 months. In the key competitive areas of the operation of major skin clinics, medical and beauty institutions and Tuoke, the needs of customers and the sense of depilation experience have become the decisive factors.

If you want to take advantage of the hair removal project to take the lead in the market during this period, cool must be your best choice

  1. Laser wavelength

At present, the bands of hair removal instruments used in clinic are mostly between 694nm and 1200m (such as photon, 755nm emerald hair removal laser, 810nm semiconductor hair removal laser, long pulse Nd: YAG laser, etc.), which can be well absorbed by melanin in hair follicle and ensure its penetration to the depth of hair follicle, but there are still great differences in clinical efficacy, Next, we analyze why 810nm laser wavelength is called the “gold standard wavelength” of laser hair removal through a set of data.

From the data in the figure above, we can clearly see that 810nm semiconductor hair removal laser has lower skin damage, less side effects and better therapeutic effect. It has obvious advantages over other wavelength hair removal lasers. Using 810nm laser wavelength for hair removal has more significant effect, and it is also the preferred wavelength for departments to screen hair removal equipment.

  1. Output energy

The laser output energy of depilation equipment is an important index affecting the efficiency of depilation. The higher the laser output energy is, the more efficient depilation is and the more obvious the effect is. Cool-810nm hair removal instrument adopts imported laser and unique and innovative optical fiber output mode, with lower output energy attenuation and almost no loss, so the optical output energy is higher. The measured data show that its optical power energy is 3 ~ 4 times that of traditional 810nm semiconductor laser, with better hair removal effect, more optimized energy control and more efficient and faster hair removal.

  1. Patient comfort

Cool, comfortable, safe and painless is the direct embodiment of customer comfort, and higher customer comfort can bring better customer stickiness and word-of-mouth communication. The cool-810nm depilator adopts a new refrigeration design, which disperses and gathers the original integrated laser chips, resulting in larger cooling water capacity, faster chip heat emission and faster refrigeration. The instrument has a better treatment mode. Similarly, the diameter of the water cooling channel becomes larger, and the heat dissipation of the treatment head is faster and more lasting. During hair removal, the effect of epidermal ice muscle is clearer, and the semiconductor hair removal laser makes cool and comfortable hair removal possible

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