Four preparations should be made before removing armpit hair

Now, after skin depilation, especially after pulling out, it is easy to infect hair follicles and surrounding tissues and cause inflammation. If it is not handled in time, it will bring pain to patients. Secondly, the axillary position is relatively special. This part of the human body is wet and hot in summer, which is the best hotbed for bacterial breeding. In addition, hair removal is a kind of injury itself, so the health requirements must be strict, all instruments must be seriously sterilized, otherwise many infectious diseases, especially blood borne diseases, will be difficult to control, such as AIDS, hepatitis B, syphilis and so on.

How should I prepare before axillary depilation

  1. Before photon hair removal, the parts to be depilated shall be cleaned and disinfected first.
  2. Some women use honey wax to remove hair at home. At this time, it is best to use a small amount of talcum powder to dry the oil on the skin surface, so as to enhance the adhesion of wax; In addition, due to the concentration of capillaries and capillaries in the hair root, it is easy to cause pain when pulling hair.
  3. Before laser hair removal, wrap ice with a towel and apply cold compress to the hair removal area to reduce the pain. Do not use too much force during depilation, otherwise it will stimulate the skin and aggravate the pain.
  4. After laser hair removal, alcohol should be used for disinfection, and some anti-inflammatory ointment should be coated on the hair removal part to avoid folliculitis. In addition, doctors do not advocate cutting axillary hair with scissors or scraping axillary hair with a blade, because it is very easy to be injured and cause bacterial infection in the axillary part, which is not only painful locally, but also prone to symptoms such as lymphadenopathy.

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