Freezing point laser hair removal is the most suitable now

As the saying goes, “a year’s plan lies in spring”. If you want to show your figure in summer, you must start depilation. Xiaobian feels that there are many preferential activities in the plastic surgery hospital at the end of the year, and the weather is also conducive to postoperative care. Therefore, it can be said that winter is the best time for laser hair removal.

According to laser hair removal experts, human hair is composed of hair stem, hair root and hair ball, which are contained in hair follicles formed by epithelial cells and connective tissue. To remove the hair so that it will never grow again, scraping off the hair stem outside the body surface is obviously just “superficial Kung Fu”. The whole hair follicle must be destroyed in order to achieve the goal of hair removal.

Freezing point laser hair removal uses a specially designed dual pulses laser, which does not burn hair follicles. It only needs to raise the temperature of hair follicles to 45 degrees and maintain it for a short time, and the hair follicles and surrounding growing stem cells will be destroyed, so as to achieve the goal of permanent hair removal. The feeling of the whole depilation process is cool first, then warm, almost no pain.

Three reasons for choosing depilation:

  1. In winter, the skin is maintained in autumn and winter without ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, there is a great difference between skin color and hair color. Therefore, during laser hair removal, the heat energy is absorbed by hair follicles, and the hair removal effect is better.
  2. Generally, the treatment cycle of laser hair removal takes 2-3 months, so that after the treatment, you can confidently wear summer clothes.
  3. The most important work after laser hair removal is to pay attention to sunscreen. In winter, ultraviolet rays are not so strong, which provides good support for sunscreen work.

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