Professional hair removal equipment manufacturers tell you how to choose hair removal equipment.

  Summer is also a popular season for hair removal. In all the depilation methods, the application of equipment depilation is the most effective, the fastest permanent depilation method at the present stage, laser depilation instrument is the most non-icing, the most painless depilation equipment. So, which brand of laser hair removal device is good? Next, let’s take a look at the manufacturer of hair removal instrument.

  Laser hair removal apparatus is also known as semiconductor material laser hair removal apparatus. Because the technology used is 808nm laser, it can also be called 808 laser hair removal apparatus. The laser energy emitted by the semiconductor laser hair removal instrument penetrates the skin, and is digested and absorbed by the pigment in the hair immediately, producing a large amount of calorific value, which is transferred to the hair and the breast, balancing the nutrition of the hair supply and demand. When the milk is heated and condensed, it cannot balance the supply and demand of the hair, and the hair is not easy to grow again.

  Commercial functions and advantages of 808 laser hair removal apparatus.


  1. The safety of this beauty instrument: for low energy high frequency forced fast drag, technically is really safe.

  2. This beauty meter is comfortable: The Blue Gem is really painless at 0-5.

  3. Fast: large light spot 10Hz high-frequency treatment is really fast.

  4. Rationality: the key 808nm semiconductor technology, high energy relative density output, energy can reach deep hair follicles and be reasonably digested and absorbed without damaging the skin, suitable for various skin and hair applications.

  5. This beauty instrument has no side effects: before and after use, no anesthesia, no dullness, edema and other adverse reactions.

  (2) role.

  1, laser freezing point hair removal.

  2. Whitening and tender skin, convergence pores, reduce wrinkles.

  3. Whiten skin, remove yellow and white skin.

  4. Whitening freckle whitening.

  5. Tighten skin.

  6, laser acne, acne printing.

  (3) the advantage.

  1. Beauty instrument using imported laser generator, more stable quality, better characteristics.

  2. The accessories of this beauty instrument can choose 1600W super power, which makes hair removal easier.

  3. The beauty instrument uses TEC refrigeration unit, which has stronger refrigeration capacity.

  4. The design scheme of the actual operation of the rocker of this beauty instrument is 23-40mm, and the hair removal is faster.

  5. This beauty instrument has only one computer operating system, which is fully automatic and strongly recommends the appropriate main parameters for treatment according to skin tone, softness and hair color. The actual operation is simple and reasonable.

  6. Press and drag technology: Select high-frequency actual operation mode, compress skin, and drag quickly. Compression-type acupuncture therapy can close capillaries, reduce the concentration of hemoglobin on laser digestion, absorption and influence, continue to balance the laser energy into the epidermis, heating the hair follicles, slowly heating until the hair follicles are destroyed, to achieve real rapid painless hair removal.

  During the whole healing process, the instrument equipment of depillator manufacturer is equipped with double water circulation system and sapphire refrigeration, which can immediately cool the skin and maintain complete ice degree during the whole healing process. In addition, because the purpose of laser energy is stronger, the pigment in the skin and its capillaries digest the energy absorbed is very little, so it is not easy to cause energy loss, how much calorific value stimulates peripheral nerve. Therefore, the semiconductor laser hair removal apparatus can achieve complete free of ice and pain during hair removal.

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