How to choose a home hair removal device?

  Home hair removal device is a small electrical appliance used to remove body hair. The epilators on the market are mainly “female epilators”, which are used to remove hair from armpits, leg hairs and other parts to help women dress up.

  1. Look at energy.

  Facts have proved that the effective energy of hair follicle irradiation should reach more than 5 J/cm before it can be destroyed. The higher the energy, the more thorough hair follicle inactivation, and the better the hair removal effect.

  2. Look at the wavelength.

  The US FDA stipulates that the wavelength of the strong pulsed light of the home hair removal device must be>> 550nm, which can act on the melanin in the hair follicle and inhibit hair growth.

  3. Look at the body feeling.

  At present, household epilators are mainly divided into three categories, namely, non-icing, peripheral ice, and pure ice. Because IPL light energy can be converted into heat energy in the dark, the skin of the epilator without ice will feel hot, while the epilator surrounded by ice will have an ice sensation, but the effect is slight. The pure ice sensation can realize the synchronization of deicing, and the hair removal process is cool and comfortable.

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