4d hifu machine

HIFU ultrasonic knife has a very good effect. It works once?

Although the lifting effect of HIFU ultrasonic scalpel can be immediate, and continue to regenerate, long-lasting, with an average of about 3-5 years. However, the process of human aging is irreversible. With the increase of age, the loss of collagen and the degree of daily maintenance, the maintenance time and effect in the later stage are affected. No equipment or product can achieve a permanent therapeutic effect, but in contrast, HIFU ultrasonic knife is indeed a method worth choosing.

HIFU ultrasonic knife is particularly painful, which is unbearable for ordinary people?

HIFU ultrasound knife will not produce obvious pain under the operation of professional beauticians. Very few people may have slight discomfort and pain due to their own perception, so there is no need to worry.

It’s OK to use advanced skin care products. There’s no need to make HIFU ultrasonic knife?

There are two kinds of wrinkles, deep lines and fine lines, that is, true wrinkles and false wrinkles. Pseudo wrinkles are superficial and occur with the change of facial expression. They can be improved to a certain extent through long-term use of skin care products. With age, collagen is lost and the supporting fiber structure of the dermis is weakened, resulting in skin relaxation and the formation of depression on the skin surface, that is, true wrinkles. Any maintenance products, micro plastic filling and beauty instruments can not replace HIFU ultrasonic knife to fundamentally solve the aging problems such as skin sagging and relaxation from the SMAS layer. HIFU ultrasonic knife is an advanced high-tech beauty technology.

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