HIFU ultrasonic knife is a “knife” to cut wrinkles?

What are the treatment characteristics of HIFU ultrasonic scalpel?

  1. The best temperature guarantee, 68-72 degrees, is most suitable for collagen regeneration.

2 the most accurate positioning of energy landing point, targeted positioning, repair aging.

  1. Multiple treatment heads can treat the skin at multiple levels and tighten every inch of skin.
  2. The most accurate depth, deep effect and ideal effect.

The treatment time is short, about 50 minutes. It is firm and effective immediately after treatment.

No anesthesia, no pain, no injury, and the treatment process is more comfortable.

  1. There is no recovery period. Make up and go to work immediately after treatment.
  2. Long term firming contour peeling, and the effect can last for 3-5 years.

HIFU ultrasonic knife is a “knife” to cut wrinkles?

Many people mistakenly think that HIFU ultrasonic knife is a “knife”, which is used to tighten the skin. In fact, it is not! Some people also know that HIFU ultrasonic knife is a machine, so you are very smart.

HIFU ultrasonic scalpel has two keys to skin tightening treatment: depth and temperature, which breaks through the previous limitations. It is the first instrument that can treat the depth of SMAs by non-invasive method.

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