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How long can laser whitening and skin rejuvenation last

Laser whitening can eliminate wrinkles, improve skin yellowish and rough, activate skin fiber cells, promote skin collagen regeneration, improve the overall texture of the face, and restore the youthful luster.

Although the effect of laser whitening and skin rejuvenation is good, we don’t know how long it can last. So, how long can laser whitening and rejuvenation last?

Generally, the treatment effect of laser skin rejuvenation and whitening can be maintained for about 1 to 2 years in a course of treatment (6-7 times). You should know that the essence of laser skin rejuvenation and whitening is symptomatic treatment, and it can not be done once and for all, let alone rejuvenate people.

Skin maintenance is not an overnight process, but a comprehensive process of daily care (such as reasonable diet, adequate sleep, etc.) and maintaining a happy mood. If you want to maintain it for a longer time, you must pay attention to the correct maintenance of your skin after laser rejuvenation, and stick to it.

Laser whitening and skin rejuvenation is an advanced beauty project. The instrument is used to generate a laser, which stimulates the renewal of collagen and other substances in the human body. Promote the metabolism of the human body. Skin dullness is caused by the loss of collagen in the human body. The excess skin begins to relax, which makes people’s skin dull. Laser technology is to stimulate the self repair of the human body through this method. It can eliminate the dullness of the skin and wrinkles at the same time.