How long can ultrasonic knife finish the needle of thin face? Is it harmful to thin face with ultrasonic knife?

After the ultrasonic knife is finished, you can get a thin face needle in about two months. The specific time should be determined according to the wound healing. At present, there is no unified time standard in clinic. After the completion of the ultrasonic knife, the local skin is relatively fragile and needs to be injected with a thin face needle after fully recovering to a healthy state.

The principle of ultrasonic scalpel is mainly to repair the skin directly through the energy wave of polymer, so that the heat can directly act on the cortical fibers of the skin in a short time, which can effectively produce physical effects, make the skin achieve the effect of self-healing, and promote the re growth of cell tissue. The relaxation of facial skin has a good therapeutic effect on improving the raised head lines, legal lines and neck lines of facial skin, It can prevent skin aging and increase the skin temperature in the cortex in a short time, so there will be a slight burning sensation, which is mainly due to the contraction and firmness of collagen tissue under the action of burning sensation.

Do not exercise violently to prevent the body from discharging a large amount of sweat, which will stimulate the wound and cause skin allergy.