How long does HIFU ultrasonic knife have effect? How long is the recovery period? How long?

The ultrasonic scalpel process is only the beginning of a cell regeneration process, and the effect is determined by three stages:

  1. The quality of cell thermal injury, whether the cells are evenly damaged, whether the depth is consistent and whether the intensity is consistent during the operation.
  2. Gather self energy for repair. One month after operation, whether self repair nutrition is sufficient and acme-te-a determines the result of cell repair.
  3. Generate new cells. 2-6 months after operation, the new cells are not necessarily young cells. After the age of 26, human cells enter natural aging. If there is no human intervention, the intake of cells will produce too much nutrition, and each renewed cell will age more than the last batch of cells.

Take these three stages seriously. After the smooth formation of new cells, the purpose of beauty and anti-aging can be achieved.

  1. The quality and quantity of new cells within 3 months after the ultrasonic knife determine the effect of the ultrasonic knife. The nutritional balance given continuously within 6 months after ultrasonic scalpel operation determines the continuation of the effect of ultrasonic scalpel in the next few years. Before and after ultrasonic scalpel operation, acme-te-a was fully supplemented to improve its own repair work and complete the optimization of new cells in young state.

In foreign countries, the ultrasonic scalpel is fully matched with the ultrasonic scalpel supporting nutrition acme-te-a, and the combination of internal and external face can improve the effect for 5-10 years.

  1. If you are under 30 years old and have good skin conditions, you don’t need to supplement. Older people still need to correctly face the reality that genes have begun to age. The nutrition of the body is like the root of a big tree. There is no foundation. If you trim the branches and leaves, you can’t get lush branches and leaves.

It can be seen that doing ultrasonic knife beauty is a two-way combination of internal and external. A few months after the ultrasonic scalpel cosmetic surgery, the generation and repair determine the effect, which is also the main reason why doctors on major medical beauty platforms repeatedly emphasize the need to use supporting acme-te-a throughout the operation.

Knowledge development:

In 2011, the National Institute of aging published the theory of medical beauty and cell on the medical beauty of slowing down aging. Although human aging is irreversible. However, acme-te-a brings infinite possibilities for each damage regeneration. Whether it is medical beauty injury or natural aging.

Only positive response and sufficient energy can make every cell look new. Any failure of cell metabolism will bury a series of hidden dangers for our body, such as sequencing, structure, disorder and disease. Therefore, the fate of cells is closely related to the fate of human body.

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