CO2 Fractional Laser

How long does ultrasonic knife work for people with particularly thin face? How long does it take for the ultrasonic knife to work?

For people with a particularly thin face, the ultrasonic knife will take about 7 ~ 10 days to work. The ultrasonic knife can tighten and lift the skin in a short time without damaging the skin tissue of the epidermal layer.

The principle of ultrasonic scalpel is mainly to convert energy into heat in a short time through polymer energy, which directly acts on the skin fiber layer. After physical effect, it can start the self-healing function of the skin, regrow the cell tissue from the bottom of the skin, and reactivate the necrotic cell particles, making the skin more compact and elastic, The electric wave of the ultrasonic knife can directly focus on a unit point to generate high-energy heat. Usually, the temperature can reach 65 degrees to 70 degrees. Therefore, the local skin will have a slight burning and swelling feeling, which needs to be cold compress. After about 48 hours, the burning feeling will gradually disappear without damaging the surrounding healthy skin tissue.

Diet can not eat too greasy food, usually pay attention to sunscreen.