How many times can HIFU ultrasonic knife be done a year?

  1. Although HIFU ultrasound knife is used for lifting, when high-energy sound waves reach the dermis and the temperature of the dermis reaches 65-70 degrees, the mother of collagen (fibroblasts) is likely to be injured or even die. No matter how precise you control it, you can’t just heat collagen without heating mother cells.
  2. Therefore, it is thermal damage to other cells and tissues. Ultrasonic scalpels need to complete the supplement of acme-te-a before and after operation, provide nutrition and growth factors required for epithelialization, and quickly and intensively repair heat damaged skin tissue.

In this way, cells can have sufficient nutritional growth and need sufficient time. Therefore, it is not recommended to do it continuously. Make sure to do it after the damage is repaired, except for low-power instruments at an interval of more than one year. L

Do you believe HIFU ultrasonic knife can remove wrinkles? What’s the price? Absolutely unexpected! Skin beautification is a long-term process, so we should pay attention to slowly strengthen nursing at ordinary times. Nursing after ultrasonic scalpel operation is the key. If we can strengthen nursing and resolutely refuse to do anything that doctors don’t want to do according to the instructions of doctors, we can have a better wrinkle removal effect and keep the skin in a tight and young state for a long time. Therefore, as long as we choose the correct method for treatment and care in time, we can still achieve better results. “Do you believe HIFU ultrasonic scalpel can remove wrinkles? What’s the price for one time? Absolutely unexpected!”

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