CO2 Fractional Laser

How much is a facial ultrasound knife? What is the approximate cost of facial ultrasound knife?

Facial ultrasound knife is about 2000 yuan to 3000 yuan a time. The specific price depends on the economic level of the local area. If the economic level of the provincial and municipal areas is relatively developed, the price is usually more expensive than that of the county-level areas. The ultrasonic knife can delay the skin aging in a short time and has a good therapeutic effect on improving the crow’s feet on the face and stretch marks on the body.

The principle of ultrasonic scalpel mainly adopts the radio frequency method, which directly acts on the skin cortex through high-energy radio waves, and can reach the fascia layer of the skin without causing any damage to the capillaries and nerves of the skin. Under the impact of high-frequency radio waves, the temperature in the local skin can increase in a short time, so it will make the necrotic cell particles achieve the effect of self repair, It can rebuild new collagen tissue.

Proper exercise can promote the metabolic function of the body by walking slowly, which can increase its own resistance and immunity, and also delay skin aging.