How much is the price of laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is based on site charges in the price of $700- $5400, the specific price is affected by the following factors:

Laser depilation price and depilation site

Generally speaking, laser hair removal price is not very expensive, according to your body part. The laser hair removal price of bilateral armpit hair is about thousands of dollars, the laser hair removal price of double thigh is slightly more expensive, the laser hair removal price of double leg is cheaper than double thigh.

The price of laser hair removal for sensitive parts is high

When laser hair removal for sensitive parts, we should worry about the safety of patients, so take extra care in this kind of laser hair removal surgery, accordingly, the price of laser hair removal is relatively high. Be like to the laser depilate operation of pubic ministry, its laser depilate price wants expensive than the laser depilate of other place commonly.

Laser depilation price and depilation area

Laser depilation operation is carried out in a lot of plastic hospitals, the price of laser depilation is often determined by the size of the area of depilation. Under normal circumstances, the larger the area of laser hair removal, the longer the time required, so the corresponding laser hair removal price will be a little more expensive. Therefore, when doing laser depilation like chest and abdomen, its laser depilation price is also about several thousand yuan.

What side effect does laser depilate have?

  1. Erythema: There may be light erythema in the irradiated area, which will disappear naturally after a few days.

2, peeling: some people after treatment, the local skin appears brown thin scab skin, about 1 week of natural shedding.

3, pigmentation: a few people may appear light brown spots after treatment, which is a reaction of the skin to treatment, because only a few people occur, and therefore related to the special constitution of the individual. If pigmentation occurs, most of them can recover within months. The 100-millisecond semiconductor, which has a longer pulse width than the typical 30-millisecond, is equipped with a cooling head, making pigmentation less likely.

  1. Scar: Theoretically, this selectivity will not cause irreversible damage to normal tissue around the hair follicle. But if you have a special constitution, or do not pay attention to cleaning after the local bacterial infection, there may be a small scar.

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