hifu face lift

How much is the whole face of ultrasonic knife? What is the price for the whole face of ultrasonic knife?

The whole face of ultrasonic knife needs 20000 yuan to 30000 yuan. The specific price depends on the hospital chosen by beauty lovers. Choosing a small private clinic is much more expensive than choosing a regular hospital.

Ultrasonic scalpel is a very popular anti wrinkle and anti-aging medical and beauty project. Through ultrasonic scalpel treatment, loose and sagging skin can show a lifting and tightening effect in a short time. Ultrasonic scalpel treatment is a non-invasive treatment, which mainly uses the high-energy heat emitted by relevant professional instruments to directly act on the skin fascia layer, which can stimulate the rapid growth of collagen in the deep layer of the skin, so as to make the local skin show a tightening effect. The process of treatment will cause slight damage to the skin, which is a normal phenomenon. Proper local skin care should be done after operation, so that the operation can see the obvious effect in a short time.

After the ultrasonic knife is finished, take measures to protect the skin from the sun. When you go out, choose physical sunscreen instead of sunscreen. Sunscreen will cause irritation to the facial skin.