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How to avoid the side effects and hazards of ultrasonic knife?

Risk avoidance 1; Collapse, unevenness, cortical necrosis, facial skew, square face, enlarged masseter muscle, but fat face

This is a serious ultrasonic knife problem. There are three possibilities:

  1. It is an instrument and technical problem;
  2. Take a single collagen before and after operation, because the ultrasonic knife itself will form about 10000 collagen condensation points on the skin base. At this time, if the outside world takes collagen, abnormal accumulation of collagen will occur,

This leads to collagen variation. After accumulation, the subject will feel a series of ultrasonic knife sequelae, such as facial variation, facial unevenness, facial disharmony, facial expression stiffness and so on.

Scar formation is not due to lack of collagen! It is the scar protrusion caused by the uncontrolled generation of collagen fibers and the spread of fibers in the process of repair. For questions about this industry, you can search “scar formation” on the Internet to get industry answers. Blindly and simply supplementing collagen in the process of repairing injury will lead to the generation of collagen fiber activity.

  1. Because the ultrasound knife makes the collagen fibers regenerate subcutaneously, the collagen fiber frame is stable and balanced. When the new collagen fibers produced by the epidermis are unbalanced, it will lead to scars, previous scars and protrusions.

When repairing subcutaneous damage, uneven collagen fiber formation will lead to uneven skin surface. Acme-te-a needs to be supplemented before and after operation to prevent uncontrolled repair, collapse and uneven, which will seriously lead to cortical necrosis. Therefore, we should not put the cart before the horse and pay attention to the results of oral administration.

The three interventions of acme-te-a on collagen come from the support of new collagen fibers. It can effectively support and control the collagen fiber frame and ensure the stability and balance of new collagen fibers. Ensure the occurrence of collapse, unevenness, cortical necrosis, facial skew, etc.


  1. Select qualified machines, formal institutions and experienced operators before operation.
  2. Do not take single collagen before and after operation to avoid collagen variation.
  3. Pay attention to body nutrition. Activate acme-te-a once in the morning and once in the evening 20 days before operation and 3 months after operation. Acme-te-a is necessary for ultrasonic knife, 13g-26g each time.

Risk avoidance 2: after the ultrasonic knife, the aging is accelerated, the legal lines become deeper, and the skin becomes loose

Causes: after thermal injury, subcutaneous cells and tissues have not been repaired, skin function has decreased, healthy cells and blood supply have decreased, so that the nutrition and elastic fiber cells required under the skin have not been generated. When the elastic fiber is missing, the collagen structure of collagen stimulated by ultrasonic knife collapses, and the cells cannot return to normal and atrophy continuously.

Solution: by ingesting acme-te-a, increase the reserve of 500 times elastic fiber and collagen tripeptide, reorganize the collagen structure and stabilize the collagen aroused by the ultrasonic knife, so as to realize the principle of facial lifting of the ultrasonic knife. Fundamentally solve the problem of ultrasonic knife accelerating aging.

Risk avoidance 3: after ultrasonic knife, the face is red, swollen, dry, itchy and blistering

Blistering: it is because the doctor is not skilled, the RF probe stays too long in the process of ultrasonic knife, or the temperature is too high, resulting in the burning of subcutaneous tissue and blistering.

Redness, swelling, dry itching: because heat is transmitted inward from the skin surface, gradually causing damage. First, the epidermis is is injured, resulting in heat loss, and then the superficial dermis and deep dermis… The burn is continuing to move deep into the skin, resulting in the obstacle of skin function.

Solution: when the heat is still conducting from outside to inside and the above problems occur, if you take acme-te-a immediately to repair the damaged cells, you can repair the heat loss back to the skin state. On the contrary, if no measures are taken to deal with it, the damage will certainly continue to develop and cause much more serious consequences.

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