How to avoid the side effects of laser hair removal

Nowadays, many beauty lovers want to solve the problem of excessive and dense body hair, so many of them choose to do laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is the current way of hair removal effect, which can effectively solve the problem of excessive and dense body hair, and can play the effect of permanent hair removal. The side effects of laser hair removal can be avoided. Let’s have a detailed understanding of it.

  1. The treatment dose should be appropriate. Generally, start the test from low energy and gradually increase it. The degree is that the patient has a slight burning feeling after treatment and there are edematous small wind masses around some hair follicles a few minutes after the treatment. Avoid rapid skin whitening, blistering, epidermal peeling, etc.
  2. It is very important to use cooling measures continuously during treatment and keep the contact surface between laser hand and skin clean.
  3. Prevent wound infection and take antibiotics orally if necessary.

The occurrence of adverse reactions is mainly related to the amount of melanin in the skin, the treatment site, the type of instrument used for treatment, energy density, whether there are cooling measures, etc. In addition, the occurrence of adverse reactions is also significantly related to seasonal changes and sunlight exposure. For patients with dark skin color, it is advisable to treat them with a laser with a long pulse width (such as the pulse width setting of more than 100 ms in Lightsheer), which can reduce the side effects.

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