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How to choose hot Maggie and buried wire lifting of ultrasonic knife? What’s the order of hot Maggie for embedding wire and lifting ultrasonic knife?

For the elderly, it is no longer an issue of concern for the elderly. More and more young people are gradually choosing to resist premature aging. Therefore, the strategies adopted for facial rejuvenation will also vary according to the needs and conditions of different groups. Through decades of development, there are more extensive and effective comprehensive solutions for facial rejuvenation in the field of plastic surgery and medical aesthetics.

Layered anti-aging – Thermal ultrasonic combination + buried wire

When the face presents a multi-level comprehensive aging state, the loss of collagen and elastic fiber of true lining is aggravated, the facial fat is gradually displaced, and the sagging of fascia and ligament is aggravated. When the mandibular line becomes blurred, the combination of “thermal ultrasound” (thermal Maggie + ultrasonic knife) + catgut embedding can achieve multi-level treatment effect. More inclined to enhance and shape the outline, while thermomaggie tends to be compact.

It provides the root support to prevent facial collapse. Thermomaggie ensures the firmness and fullness of the skin. The combination of thermoultrasound is CP for severely relaxed and aging people, and this steady sense of firmness cannot be achieved by treatment alone.

First use the thermal ultrasonic combination to pave the way, and then bury the line later, the effect will be higher. In short, we compare the face to a house. What the ultrasonic knife hot Maggie plays is to rebuild the “foundation”, quickly tighten the skin and restore youth and firmness. However, it is not enough to be “tight”. At this time, wire embedding plays the role of “steel bar” rich internal structure, stimulates the continuous regeneration of collagen, increases skin vitality, double combination, and cures both the symptoms and the root causes.

Therefore, we often compare: thermal super combination + buried wire = foundation + reinforcement.

Sometimes, the effect of medical beauty can not only rely on a single project and joint operation to achieve the expected value of psychology. The emphases and treatment levels of thermomaggie, ultrasonic knife and catgut embedding are also different, so layered anti-aging will achieve unexpected results.

Hot Maggie: stimulate the true lining layer to increase the true lining collagen;

Ultrasonic scalpel: tighten the fascia of the bottom layer and improve the whole facial contour;

Catgut Embedding: if the effect of ultrasonic knife + hot Maggie lifting is still not ideal, the relaxation problem is serious, the legal lines are deep, and the apple muscle sags, it can be further improved with catgut embedding.

If you do or hot Maggie, you can consider embedding wires at least 6 months apart! And if you want to do or hot Maggie after embedding the line, you also need to be separated by at least 6 months!

Many people have been pursuing more perfect anti-aging effect and strengthening firmness and improvement at the same time. However, medical and aesthetic treatment varies from person to person, and correct treatment must be carried out after the diagnosis of professional doctors.

Our face should be like life, fresh and gentle on the outside, but full of strong support on the inside. Hardness and flexibility will help us to fight against the old age.

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