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How to choose suitable ones for wire embedding, lifting, injection and ultrasonic knife

How to choose anti-aging methods? Embedding, lifting and injection, and how to choose the suitable ultrasonic knife. Duxiaohu thinks: if you want to do anti-aging and wrinkle removal, don’t do it blindly. First, you should find out your own needs, what problems you want to solve and what effects you want to achieve, and then choose the methods that are suitable for you.

Select according to location

Buried wire lifting is suitable for lifting and restoring sagging and loose skin against early aging.

Injection anti-aging is suitable for filling the collapsed and gully parts, soothing the dry fine lines of the skin, and filling the static wrinkles.

Ultrasonic knife anti-aging is used for mild sagging of the whole face and acts on the fascia layer of the skin.

Anti aging method

Select according to demand

The main purpose of anti-aging injection is to provide nutrition and supplement lost units to aging tissues, which is suitable for those who want to change tissue morphology and dry and rough skin.

The main function of catgut embedding is to lift the face, significantly improve the soft tissue and improve the wrinkles. In addition, because the implanted thread will stimulate the skin’s new collagen, the buried thread lifting part will become more compact.

The ultrasonic scalpel uses high-intensity focused ultrasound to act on the SMAS layer close to the bone, shrink the aged bone collagen, stimulate the proliferation and reorganization of collagen, and shrink and compact the loose SMAS layer. It is to lift up your sagging deep soft tissue and quickly recover your youth. In addition, the ultrasonic knife has a certain fat elimination effect, which is of course best for the meat face.

According to muscle age

Injection anti-aging is more suitable for people between the ages of 25 and 40. If you are too old, the effect of injection may not meet the need to improve sagging tissue.

Catgut embedding can generally be divided into local catgut embedding and full face catgut embedding, which is more suitable for people aged 30 ~ 50 or with aging wrinkles and loose tissues. The eyebrow lines, splayed lines, neck wrinkles and other problems that are easy to occur in this age group can be tightened at multiple levels by embedding lines to improve the facial lines and increase the youthful feeling of the facial contour.

From the whole age group of 20 ~ 50 years old, ultrasonic knife beauty has no great restrictions on the age group.

Aging is a complex process, which may require a combination of two or more treatments to achieve obvious anti-aging effect.

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