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How to reflect the effect of ultrasonic knife?

Why choose ultrasonic knife? Ultrasonic knife anti-aging is a non-invasive treatment with small trauma and no damage to the epidermis. This operation can accurately grasp the depth of treatment. The energy * * * focuses on the deep part of the tissue and will not scald the skin. The treatment effect is significant, safe and reliable!

  1. One time ultrasonic knife is equal to many times of beauty and skin care. It has better rejuvenation effect, goes deep into the surface of real lining, and restores the more beautiful state of skin.
  2. “Lunch break” beauty, that is to do and go, and the effect is natural. It does not affect work and life. It is a very popular lunch beauty. The posterior skin was naturally traceless after operation.

The effect of ultrasonic knife has three stages!

Immediate effect: it accounts for 20% ~ 30% of the whole beauty treatment effect of the ultrasonic knife. The specific changes are: the corners of the eyes and mouth are lifted upward, the apple muscle is lifted up, the legal lines are shallower and shorter, and the mandibular contour is clear!

Later effect: the later effect appears after 3 ~ 6 months, and the effect of ultrasonic knife is fully displayed. With the continuous increase of the amount of collagen in the true lining of the skin, the whole skin presents a state of elasticity, firmness, tenderness and whiteness!

Recessive effect: slow aging speed! The rate of aging is far less than that of peers!

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