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Is HIFU ultrasound knife safe? Any side effects?

The use of ultrasonic energy has a good record and has been used in medical technology for 50 years. In addition, HIFU treatment has been recognized by FDA after clinical safety research. At present, tens of thousands of treatments have been implemented all over the world without any serious adverse record.

How many times does HIFU ultrasonic knife need to be treated? How long does it take? How long does it last?

Only one treatment is needed, and some patients with severe aging and relaxation can also increase treatment as needed. The thermal effect of HIFU can bring double effects to the skin. The first is the immediate contraction of collagen, which can immediately tighten the epidermis, so you can see the effect of immediate tightening, tightening and improvement immediately after treatment; The second is the long-term regeneration and reorganization of collagen after tissue heating. The effect is gradually obvious 3 ~ 6 months after treatment. It continues to increase efficiency for 1-3 years and lasts for 6 years.

What effect does collagen have? How does HIFU stimulate the regeneration of collagen?

Collagen accounts for 70% – 80% of the skin, which is called the soft gold of the skin. Its role in the skin is equivalent to a fine elastic net, which firmly locks in moisture and supports the skin. The loss of collagen will lead to the rupture of the elastic net supporting the skin, the atrophy and collapse of skin tissue, and the aging phenomena such as relaxation, wrinkles, dryness and roughness. When women are 20 years old, collagen begins to age and lose, and the content decreases year by year. HIFU can initiate collagen regeneration mechanism, continuously regenerate collagen and recombine.

What can HIFU ultrasonic knife do? What’s the effect?

HIFU ultrasonic knife can be used for beauty treatment of eyes, face, neck, chest, abdomen, buttocks, back, legs, arms and other parts of the whole body. It can remove wrinkles, improve, firm and shape. It takes effect once and lasts for 6 years, making you look brand new and like youth rebirth!

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