Laser hair removal is also toxic! The operator is the first victim

Hair removal is one of the popular plastic surgery projects in summer, which can help many beauty lovers get rid of the trouble of “careless hands and feet”. However, do you know that your skin is smooth and flawless, but your dream may be achieved by plastic surgeons at the expense of health! Preliminary results from a new study at Tufts Medical Center in Boston show that laser hair removal releases toxins into the air! French Elle fashion magazine also reported two similar cases: a staff member who underwent genital laser hair removal was infected with HPV virus in his throat after operation.

Gary S. Chuang, Professor of dermatology at Tufts Medical University, and his research team analyzed the black toxic smoke released during laser hair removal and detected 300 different compounds, 13 of which are harmful to humans and animals, including benzene, phenylmethane, phenylethane and diethyl acetate.

So, is HPV virus infection among staff related to laser hair removal? There is no conclusive evidence to confirm this, but Professor Chuang’s findings confirm that some very dirty substances are indeed released during laser hair removal.

Relevant experts believe that laser hair removal is safe for beauty seekers who accept it, but it is dangerous for doctors who carry out this operation and may inhale the toxic gas released by it. It seems that seeking beauty and safety is not only for those seeking beauty. For plastic surgeons, personal occupational protection can not be ignored!

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