Laser hair removal is more suitable for Asian women

Seeing the rising temperature, depilatory liquid, beeswax and shaving devices have become popular again. Many women are overwhelmed by many depilation methods. Under the temptation of “painless, permanent and safe”, they bite their teeth and choose medical methods for depilation. However, the ensuing laser and photons make them confused. Which of these two methods is more suitable for me? If you are an Asian woman, what I want to tell you is that it is better to choose laser hair removal.

Whether it is laser or photon, its hair removal principle is similar. They all emit light of a certain wavelength and only act on the hair follicles rich in melanin in the hair. In the process of hair removal treatment, only melanin can absorb the energy emitted by these light, and the temperature rises sharply after absorbing the energy, resulting in the destruction of hair follicles, loss of hair regeneration and shedding, so as to achieve the effect of hair removal.

However, the surface layer of our skin also contains melanin, and the hair follicle is located below the surface layer of the skin, that is, the light beam acting on the hair follicle is bound to pass through the “door card” on the surface layer of the skin first. However, the surface layer of Asian women’s skin contains relatively more melanin. Therefore, if the wavelength of these light is not long enough (long enough to act on deep hair follicles), Melanin in the epidermis competes with melanin in the hair follicle to absorb energy, resulting in burns on the surface of the skin.

Although the wavelengths of laser and photon are enough to reach the hair follicle, unlike laser, photon belongs to strong pulse light, which belongs to a range of strong light, causing greater damage to the skin. After treatment, it is more prone to adverse reactions such as erythema, edema, folliculitis and blisters, and there are also relevant clinical cases, Asian women with more melanin on the skin surface have a slightly worse therapeutic effect when using photon hair removal.

Therefore, among the two hair removal methods of laser and photon, Asian people choose laser hair removal. However, laser hair removal also has the side effects of erythema, folliculitis, edema and skin burns. You must go to a regular hospital to avoid these risks. In addition, after the treatment, you also need to follow the doctor’s advice to do the corresponding self-care: do not use skin care products within 24 hours; Non friction treatment area; Do a good job in sunscreen to reduce the possibility of pigmentation.

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