Share some people who don’t recommend eyebrow washing machine!

  The main function of eyebrow washing machine is to remove colored eyebrow, eyeliner, lip line and other tattoos. On a shallow surface. Simple eyebrow washing machine is basically not produced. Due to low energy and power, the scope of application is small, which is not conducive to diversified development.

  1. People who wash their eyebrows many times: Because the epidermis and dermis become thinner, the relative risk of eyebrow washing is higher.

  2. People who are particularly prone to scarring: People who are prone to scarring are prone to scarring or scarring, so eyebrow washing is not recommended.

  3. People with deep eyebrows: People with deep eyebrows at the beginning are not suitable for eyebrow washing. General eyebrow washing machine can not effectively deal with, the effect is not good.

  4. Obsessives: Obsessives tend to be nervous, anxious, eager for good, and have high standards for themselves, so even if the operation is successful, there will still be some dissatisfaction for them.

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