Laser hair removal – the first choice for safe / permanent hair removal

Since 1996, the United States Food and Drug Administration approved a variety of laser hair removal on the market, its safety and effectiveness have been widely accepted in the United States for more than three years. Laser hair removal uses long wave laser to prolong the pulse time, directly destroy hair follicles and melanin around them, and directly or indirectly damage hair follicles.

In clinical practice, the method of anesthesia is usually determined according to the position. For small parts, direct local anesthesia can be used. For large parts, such as large and small legs, local anesthetic can be rubbed and laser can be applied after two hours. Some people can even achieve the analgesic effect as long as ice compress for ten minutes.

Now the application of hair removal laser, in addition to pathological hirsutism, the removal of hair with male characteristics after male to female, or the hair of the original skin flap after skin flap transplantation, other patients who require hair removal mostly take beauty as the starting point. Therefore, it is common for women to remove leg hair, hand hair, beard and even armpit hair. Some patients require eyebrows to be trimmed, and it is not uncommon to trim excess pubic hair.

Laser hair removal takes two lower legs as an example. It takes about an hour and a half. In addition, the anesthesia time takes about half a day. Moreover, due to the factors of hair growth cycle, each hair removal area needs to undergo two to three times of irradiation, with an interval of one to two months, so as to have a more desired effect. Just after laser irradiation, some people only have local redness and swelling, which will subside automatically after half an hour, while others will produce blisters and moderate redness and swelling. After appropriate treatment, they will disappear within a week without scars.

One week after the laser, the hair will fall off naturally. After the first irradiation, it can have about 70% effect. The regenerated hair will also be thinner and lighter in color. After one month, it can receive the second irradiation. For modern people who want effective, safe and long-term hair removal, laser hair removal should be the best choice.

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