How many times should laser depilation be done? These considerations cannot be ignored!

  Many beauty seekers are bothered by thick hair on their legs or faces, especially when summer comes and they are afraid to go out in their favorite pretty dresses. To reduce hair loss, often use hair removal cream or knife shaving. Although the results are quick, the disadvantages are also big. Pores get bigger, hair gets longer and faster. How to depilate effectively? Laser hair removal will help you.

  What is laser hair removal?

  Laser hair removal is the destruction of hair follicle tissue by laser, so that it loses the function of hair regeneration. There may be mild tingling, pigmentation or blisters, but with careful care they can recover without scarring.

  Can laser depilate depilate permanently?

  Laser hair removal can achieve permanent hair removal, but usually requires three to five treatments as hair growth goes through periods of growth, regression and rest. The effective rate of hair removal was 75% in growing period, 25% in regression period, and almost no effect in resting period. The laser doesn’t work until the hair is growing. So laser hair removal needs to be repeated to have a significant effect. Because different sites have different growth cycles, each treatment interval is different. If the hair rest time is relatively short, the interval can be as short as 1 month, the trunk and limbs hair rest time is relatively long, so the treatment interval is 2 months.

  Matters needing attention in laser hair removal treatment

  1. Prior medical history of the patient should be carefully inquired and fully communicated with the patient before surgery. Patients with laser hair removal contraindications cannot be treated;

  2. Before treatment, shave the hair of the treatment site and clean the site to remove grease and dirt;

  3. Select appropriate treatment parameters according to different patients, different skin properties and pain tolerance;

  4. During treatment, proper eye protection should be provided to patients, operators and observers in the treatment room;

  5. Cold compress the treatment site for 15 to 30 minutes immediately after treatment can reduce or alleviate the adverse reactions after treatment.

  Care after laser hair removal

  1. Postoperative hair removal area may have erythema, edema or blisters around the hair follicle, local pain may occur, cooling measures can be taken, continuous ice application;

  2. The hair removal site should mainly be protected from the sun and moisturize, reduce the occurrence of pigmentation or hypopigmentation, and speed up skin repair;

  3. The treatment of wound should strengthen nursing, to prevent infection, if necessary, can be used externally or orally antibiotics;

  4. Because laser hair removal only works on growing hair, not on resting and fading hair follicles, laser hair removal requires multiple treatments, with 4-8 weeks between each treatment.

  laser hair removal home works best during hair growth. The more melanin produced, the better the treatment. Laser hair removal has little effect on the hair in regression and resting stages, but laser hair removal can inhibit the rapid growth of hair in a short time to achieve the desired effect.

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