There must be no common sense in eyebrow washing machines!

  The main function of eyebrow washing machine is to remove colored eyebrow, eyeliner, lip line and other tattoos. On a shallow surface. Simple eyebrow washing machine is basically not produced. Due to low energy and power, the scope of application is small, which is not conducive to diversified development.

  Tattooed eyebrows involve inserting pigment into the dermis of the skin to achieve a pattern or permanent effect. The early stage of eyebrow washing often uses chemical stripping, freezing, skin grinding and other methods, but the effect is not good, often leave scars, even more than tattoo effect beautiful. Later attempts were made to cover the paint with shades closer to skin tone, but the results were unsatisfactory. The covered area looks dirty and lacks the texture of skin.

  1. How long does it take to laser wash your eyebrows and eyeliner? Can you remove it all at once?

  It takes 2-3 minutes to wash your eyebrows and eyeliner with a laser, and remove light and light pigmentation all at once. If there is a lot of paint and the paint line is deep, multiple treatments are required. The interval is about 45 days.

  2. How to wash lip line with laser? Every interval?

  To remove black, brown, dark red and brown, wash once with a 1064nm bald head, then twice with a 532nm bald head, then with a 532nm bald head, remove the red, light brown and light brown.

  Note: all lip lines, floating lips, dipping lips must be treated six months later, otherwise it will fail. The course of treatment is 15 to 45 days, with regular treatment until clean.

  3. Why do some red eyebrows not respond after washing?

  This pigment is a chemical pigment, not a plant pigment. Iron has reached the dermis, causing pigmentation — so it’s hard to clean. In this case, the effect is not as good as washing with plant colors. For solid red eyebrows, you should first wash them with a 1064nm bald head. The energy from the focus breaks up the paint, washes out the bleeder, and rinses it at 532nm.

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