Brief introduction to the matters needing attention in using photon skin rejuvenation instrument.

  Photon skin rejuvenation instrument is an advanced high-tech beauty project, using full spectrum of strong light, direct exposure to the skin surface. It can penetrate into the skin, selectively act on subcutaneous pigment or blood vessels, decompose color spots, close abnormal red blood filaments, and remove various defects on the skin. At the same time, photons can stimulate the hyperplasia of subcutaneous collagen and recombine the original collagen tissue, thus shrinking pores, reducing wrinkles and restoring the elasticity, health and luster of the skin.

  The first step to understand the correct use of photon skin beauty instrument is to find out the effect and function of each working mode of beauty instrument. It’s also important to know your skin type and skincare needs. The first step is to use the Photon Moisturizer according to your skin characteristics and skincare needs.

  Then there are some considerations in the process of use. Beauty machines, while effective, should not be used for long. These machines usually have an approximate recommended use time. It is good to use within this approximate time range. Long-term use can backfire, so don’t overdo it.

  And different beauty instruments usually have different waterproof levels, so it is best to make clear whether the beauty instrument body is waterproof before use. If not waterproof, remember not to wash directly under water.

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