Things to know before buying depilator!

  A depilator is a small electrical appliance used to remove body hair. The main hair remover on the market is “female hair remover”, used to remove armpit hair, leg hair and other parts of the hair, to help women dress up.

  Will it hurt; There are two main causes of pain:

  1. Strong energy density and destructive power;

  2. The wavelength is too short, the damage of the epidermis is more than the hair follicles, so the normal hair removal basically will not have too strong pain, but when the light energy is converted into heat energy to destroy the hair follicles, there will be a feeling of fever. As for redness or blackness, it’s basically a burn. Ice can be used before depilation, when it is used, it will be much better. After taking off, water can be added to the used area. Strong light can easily make skin dry and dehydrated.

  Can a boy remove his beard with hair remover? In many people’s mind, they always think that makeup remover is a woman’s only product. This idea is wrong. Gay men can use it. It’s true that men’s facial beards are more difficult to handle and may last longer than women’s facial hair. However, it’s ok to handle some minor facial hair. A warm reminder from Xiao Nuo.

  Whether the skin darkens after using the depilator: Of course not. Generally, the longer we use a depilator, the whiter our skin becomes. However, if you use a depilator every time and don’t take care of the sun properly, your skin will turn dark. That’s why I told you earlier that shedding in autumn and winter is better than shedding in summer.

  How long does a home depilator usually take to be effective? The growth cycle of hair is divided into 3 cycles: growth period, regression period and rest period. Photon hair removal mainly acts on the hair in the growing period, but has no effect on the hair in the regression period and resting period. You need to wait for this part of the hair to circulate to the next growth period before treatment. When hair enters the growth phase, it is originally a continuous cycle, rather than growing evenly together. Therefore, in general, it takes 5-10 times or more to achieve better hair removal results using a home depilator.

  Does a home depilator have radiation? Does it harm your health: One thing we should be clear about here is that any household electronic product (including the appliances we use: TV, refrigerator, hair dryer, computer, etc.). There is radiation, but the radiation from these electronics is very low. In our past lives, have we heard people around us say that using TV sets and refrigerators is bad for our health? The same is true for home hair removal machines. Of course, radiation won’t harm our body, so we can use it safely.

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