Refuse to wear a hairy suspender skirt

Body hair is a common worry of women. Furry skin makes women dare not wear skirts. How to effectively remove excess body hair? At present, many people choose freezing point depilation to improve the trouble of skin hair. However, beauty seekers do not understand freezing point depilation. Below, the editor of will give you a detailed description.

Freezing point hair removal is a hair removal method with less pain among all hair removal methods. The results of many clinical trials show that most beauty seekers only feel “bounced by a rubber band”. Freezing point depilation uses laser to penetrate into the deep layer of dermis and subcutaneous adipose tissue, and act on the deep hair follicles in different parts to effectively remove the deep hair in any part of the human body.

The laser with specific wavelength of freezing point hair removal can pass through the epidermis and enter the dermis. It is selectively absorbed by the melanin particles in the hair and hair follicles to produce photothermal effect. The heat energy in the hair can be transmitted to all sides, completely destroy the hair roots such as hair follicles and stem cells, and produce permanent hair removal. The normal tissue around the hair follicle does not absorb this laser because it does not contain melanin particles, so it is less affected and generally will not cause scar. Generally, obvious effect can be seen after 3 ~ 6 times (a course of treatment).

Precautions after freezing point depilation:

1, please avoid sun exposure for six months after hair removal, and apply sunscreen lotion with doctor’s instructions to the hair removal area to reduce sunlight exposure.

  1. After freezing point depilation, you can’t eat spicy, seafood and other stimulating foods in your diet.
  2. Pay attention to hygiene. Don’t wear underwear with too deep dyeing or unclean, because the skin after depilation is easy to be stimulated, and the pores are large, which is also easy to be affected by pigment. Therefore, those seeking beauty don’t wear clothes with deep color, which is easy to get inflamed.
  3. After freezing point hair removal, eat more fruits or vegetables containing vitamin C.

Remove body hair and have smooth and delicate skin. What are you afraid of in summer? We should dare to show our beauty, but the editor of reminds us that because the laser takes off body hair by photothermal effect, we have certain requirements for the energy and pulse width of the laser, otherwise the skin will be burned. Therefore, we must go to a regular plastic and cosmetic hospital for laser hair removal.

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