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Some questions about laser skin rejuvenation

Laser technology can help people solve two skin problems, one is to treat skin surface defects, the other is to improve the quality of skin. Many beauty seekers still don’t understand many aspects of laser skin rejuvenation. Here are some questions about laser skin rejuvenation.

  1. What is the principle of laser

Laser technology uses light with a bandwidth of 560nm to 1200nm to irradiate. Light with different wavelengths only reacts to specific tissues. Scientific research shows that light with certain wavelengths can stimulate the production of skin collagen, and the quantity and quality of collagen determine the quality of skin. This is the basis of laser skin rejuvenation. Laser skin rejuvenation is the principle of irradiating skin with a strong light source.

  1. Is laser skin rejuvenation suitable for everyone

Laser skin rejuvenation is most suitable for the treatment of skin defects and aging caused by aging and ultraviolet radiation. It is not suitable for everyone. People with dark skin, light allergy, immune system defects, pregnant women and other people are not suitable for laser skin rejuvenation.

  1. Will the skin become thinner after treatment? Will it accelerate aging

First of all, we can definitely tell you that after laser skin rejuvenation treatment, the skin will not become thinner. Laser skin rejuvenation removes the spots on the epidermis. The skin will turn white and delicate. However, it does not simply peel off the cuticle of the skin, so there is no skin thinning. At the same time, after treatment, the structure of the skin has changed, so that the collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the skin have been restored, so the skin aging will not be accelerated.

  1. Is there any side effect of laser rejuvenation

The side effects of laser skin rejuvenation are almost zero, which is very safe. This is a great advantage of laser skin rejuvenation therapy. Laser skin rejuvenation is essentially a laser beauty technology, belonging to the category of medical beauty. Professional doctors will set the laser energy and treatment parameters according to the nature of each person’s skin and different parts of the face, and adjust them every time, so as to ensure safe and effective treatment and minimize the side effects of laser skin rejuvenation.

The above is the answer to the question about laser skin rejuvenation. I believe the beauty seeker has already understood it. To do laser skin rejuvenation, you should first understand your skin condition. Those who do not know your skin condition can consult a doctor first. After laser skin rejuvenation, you need to pay attention to sunscreen.