Upper lip depilation pay attention to what? These taboos should be known after upper lip depilation

Core tip: in medicine, upper lip hair removal mainly uses photon hair removal and laser hair removal. This also means that if women want to achieve the ideal hair removal effect, they have to avoid the four life taboos of keeping their skin from contacting cosmetics, not letting the sun shine on their skin, not using hot water to clean their skin and not eating irritating food and seafood, so as to avoid problems in the recovery of upper lip skin.

For men, upper lip hair is just a normal phenomenon. As long as it is scraped off every day, it can make the face look clean and tidy. However, for women, the long hair on the upper lip is a kind of trouble, and even makes some women have anxiety and inferiority complex. In the face of this situation, women can only rely on upper lip depilation to solve this problem. However, before depilation, women have to understand the life taboos after depilation, so as to ensure the effect of depilation.

  1. Do not eat stimulating food and seafood. No matter what method women use for upper lip hair removal, it will bring some damage to the skin and hair follicles. Therefore, after hair removal, women must not drink alcohol, eat spicy food containing garlic, pepper, hemp pepper, ginger and pepper, and eat any seafood products, so as to make small wounds on the skin heal faster and avoid skin inflammation caused by improper diet.
  2. Don’t let the sun shine on the skin. Although the skin near the upper lip is not well shielded, women should not be too troublesome after hair removal. They must try to avoid strong light time travel and make more use of masks, umbrellas and other tools to help protect the skin from sun, so as to ensure the effect of hair removal. This is because strong light will lead to water shortage, melanin precipitation and redness of the skin, which will affect the recovery of the skin.
  3. Keep skin away from cosmetics. No matter whether women have the habit of making up or not, they should ensure that they do not use any cosmetics and skin care products for a period of time after hair removal. This is because after depilation, women’s upper lip skin will be more sensitive. If women blindly use these products containing chemicals, it may lead to upper lip skin allergy.
  4. Do not use hot water to clean the skin. After depilation, women cannot use hot water to clean their skin, because hot water will continue to stimulate the skin and affect the recovery of damaged hair follicles.

If women can do well in the above four life taboos after upper lip depilation, they can effectively avoid skin redness, swelling and inflammation and ensure the effect of upper lip depilation. Of course, in addition to these taboos, women should also pay attention to timely review, so as to timely understand the skin recovery and hair removal effect, and avoid the adverse reactions after hair removal from being handled in time.