What can be coated after laser depilation

Core tip: laser hair removal is the safest of all hair removal. It can also completely help people get rid of the problem of body hair. After laser hair removal, local redness, swelling and pain usually occur. You can apply some repair water or moisturizing spray. It should be noted that laser hair removal is not suitable for all people. For example, people in special periods such as menstruation and pregnancy cannot. You can consult a hair removal doctor in advance.

It’s getting hotter and hotter. The little sister who loves beauty wears less and less, and the probability of exposing her arms and legs is also increasing. The beautiful lady raises a hairy piece of her arm. What do you think? If it was me, I would go up and tell my little sister that you are so beautiful that there should be no defects under your armpits. Why not take off your armpit hair? Although there are many ways of hair removal at present, only laser hair removal can help women completely get rid of the trouble of body hair. What can you apply after laser hair removal? Let’s introduce it to you.

What can be coated after laser depilation? After laser depilation, you can apply some repairing toner or spray to the depilated part, which can relieve the slight pain and swelling after depilation. Before laser depilation, depilation doctors will apply cold gel to the part. Cold gel has the effect of cooling and cooling, and can mainly protect the skin. The principle of laser depilation is that the laser penetrates the human hair follicle, selectively destroys the hair follicle, and achieves the purpose of depilation, The energy released instantly will destroy the hair follicles. Applying cold gel can alleviate the damage to the skin caused by the heat generated by the energy released instantly. It should be reminded that the hair removal doctor must be consulted in advance before laser hair removal.

Hair removal precautions

1、 Before laser hair removal, fully communicate with the laser doctor. People with treatment contraindications cannot be treated.

2、 Laser hair removal is permanent, so the position should be clear before treatment to avoid unnecessary disputes.

3、 Before treatment, the treatment part shall be scraped and coated, and the part shall be cleaned to remove grease and dirt.

4、 The eyes should be properly protected before treatment,

5、 After treatment, apply cold compress to the treatment site immediately for 15 to 30 minutes, which can reduce or reduce the adverse reactions after treatment. Postoperative precautions.

Do you understand what can be applied after laser hair removal? Before hair removal, apply cold gel. After hair removal, apply water or spray for repairing and moisturizing. Laser hair removal is relatively safe. Understanding the precautions before and after hair removal can ensure the hair removal effect. However, laser hair removal is not suitable for everyone. It is best to consult a professional laser doctor before doing it. ​