What does bikini depilate need to treat a few process to have?

In hot summer, many women would wear bikinis to show their graceful figure on the beach, but the hair leaking from the bikini made many women feel embarrassed. In order to remove excess hair and show their sexy figure, best women’s hair removal device became the choice of many women. But how many times does bikini waxing need treatment? What are the processes? Let’s learn about it.

Luminess silk and smooth hair removal device How many times?

Radio frequency hair removal device One week after hair removal, the hair will naturally fall off, the first irradiation can have about 70% effect, and then grow out of the hair will be thinner, lighter color, after a month can receive a second irradiation. It usually takes about three treatments to remove hair.

Because hair grows cycle to have 3 stages: growing period, transitional period, dormancy. Only in the growth period of hair removal to achieve the desired results. During the growth period, the pigment particles produced in the hair follicle can fully absorb the thermal energy under some external action. At this time the hair follicles are more fragile, the effect of hair removal is bound to be ideal. The number of treatments is also related to the density and color of hair in the treatment area and the proportion of hair follicles in the non-growth period. The obvious effect can be seen in one or two times.

The best home laser hair removal device

1, skin preparation, the term is called skin preparation, in popular words called shaving, so that when depilation is carried out, the light wave can be “uprooted”. Before preparing the skin, please keep the depilation area clean to ensure the effect.

2, gel, the gel with cooling and cooling effect is applied to the hair removal part, so as to achieve maximum protection for the skin, and reduce the discomfort in the hair removal process to a low level.

3, laser hair removal, strength evenly in the depilation repeatedly contact, so that the light wave of hair root thorough “encirencirement”. When the intensity of light is strengthened, the feeling of the skin will be more and more intense. The use of light wave is different, each time the depilation area and pain are different.

4, clean, gently scrape off the gel, and wash with water, and then after cleaning, quickly moisturize the skin, and apply sunscreen. In a week after depilation, do not use soap and other alkaline bath products.

What are the advantages of diode laser permanent hair removal?

  1. Painless and safe, without damaging the skin, cold and comfortable.

2, square big light spot, fast hair removal, speed up the treatment speed!

3, the laser wavelength, penetration on the depth of the hair follicle, permanent hair removal more thoroughly.

4, the light pulse time is super long adjustment, protect the epidermis while removing different skin color, different depth, different thickness of hair.

5, no pigmentation, no inflammation, more suitable for human skin.

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