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What effect does ultrasonic knife have? Do you have side effects?

It is said that time is the number one enemy of women. No matter how beautiful a woman is, she will have a day of twilight. As a mortal, no one can stop the corrosion of the body by years, just like the popular “little fresh meat” now, it is difficult to guarantee that one day it will become a “Bacon” with pleated faces.

Even so, some stars seem to have an “anti-corrosion function” against the sky. Even if time passes on them, the “corrosiveness” of their appearance is greatly weakened, and some people’s faces are even smoother and more tender by time. That is, the ultrasonic knife can help you regain your youth, still young.

Using advanced high-intensity focused ultrasound energy, it can respectively act on the epidermis, true lining layer and SMAS fascia layer that can only be reached by skin pulling in the past, produce nearly 10000 condensation points, make collagen shrink immediately, stimulate a large number of regeneration and reorganization of collagen, and build a brand-new collagen fiber network, so as to enhance the elasticity of skin from the bottom layer of skin and realize skin Wrinkle removal and shaping.

The treatment depth of ultrasonic scalpel is 1.5mm, 3.0mm and 4.5mm. In addition to the fibrous septum, it can also act on the deeper SMAS fascia. Fascia layer is the tissue layer to control wrinkles and skin relaxation, so it is the area for injection anti-aging and facial lifting surgery. At this level, the function level is deeper than that of gemage.

Ultrasonic knife mainly focuses on lifting. It acts in the form of points, focusing on deep tightening, and the effect of lifting sagging tissue is very superior. After treatment, 10% – 20% effect will be produced immediately, the effect will appear in 3-6 months, the effect will appear in 6 months, and the effect will be maintained for about 1 year.

The depth of action is deeper than hot Maggie. When the fascia layer also produces sagging and aging, you can choose to move to a deeper level. Suitable for people with moderate or severe skin relaxation and sagging.

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