hifu face lift

What is the price of HIFU ultrasonic knife once?

Generally, the factors affecting the price of ultrasonic knife are as follows:

  1. Ultrasonic scalpel instrument: it was developed earlier in the United States, and later in Korea, other countries and domestic.
  2. Who made it for you? The formal is done by doctors with medical and aesthetic qualifications. Researchers are better, and there are also ordinary doctors.
  3. Medical and aesthetic places: large and formal medical and aesthetic environment is acceptable.
  4. Parts: ultrasound knife anti-aging of the whole body: face and back tightening, chest adjustment, waist and abdomen shaping, hip shaping, leg shaping, removing butterfly sleeves and repairing mild stretch marks. Different parts charge different fees.
  5. Supporting nutrition: the ultrasonic knife is a physiotherapy process combining inside and outside, which externally stimulates its own repair function. The ultrasonic knife is equipped with acme-te-a to provide nutrition and help build a healthy subcutaneous tissue network. Experienced doctors suggest supporting acme-te-a, so the price is different.

The answer is given through the above price elements. Take the face as the column, and all 5 items are preferred. The price will be between 38000 and 58000. If the hospital is equipped with acme-te-a and adds more than 16000 on this basis, it is the price of ultrasonic knife.

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